The Campaignfor the Protection of Herbal Medicine
Hello and welcome to our website, which has been developed to endorse the "Support
Herbal Medicine" petition
and as a focus for people interested in preserving and protecting the practise of
Traditional Herbal Medicine and use of our herbs in response to the British government's impending
regulatory proposals.

The UK government is of the opinion that statutory regulation of Herbalists will protect the public from
serious harm. However, has statutory regulation of the NHS, Banking and Pension industries protected the
public? No, it most certainly has not! Even now, after so called "improved" guidelines resulting from the
behaviour of Harold Shipman, abuse and cruelty on the part of medical staff is still being reported. It is our
belief that statutory regulation is not effective and results in considerable amounts of time and tax payer's
money being wasted, with no increased guarantee of safety.

To date, Herbal Medicine has one of the most exemplary safety records of any medical discipline. Current
voluntary self regulation has been more than adequate in protecting the public from harm.

If you are someone who cares about freedom of choice, environmental issues, a member of the public who
visits a Herbalist, or self treats with herbs from your garden and surrounding countryside, a practising
Medical Herbalist, or a practitioner who uses herbs alongside another natural medicine, a supplier of herbs or
even someone simply passionate about herbs and the pleasure they give, then you will be interested in our

Herbal Medicine is "Global Medicine" with each country having its own Tradition. Regulations affecting the
UK and Europe often have an influence on the rest of the world. Wherever you live, please link with us and
together let us protect and preserve Herbal Medicine worldwide. We need to keep vigilant regarding
influences from governments, pharma companies and the Codex which can affect herbal medicines and
Accessibility and choice: to ensure herbal medicines remain affordable
and available for the public to use
Preserve our Traditions: to ensure Traditional Herbalists can continue to
practise and teach, offering an alternative philosophy, diversity and choice to
the public
Protect our plants, their environments and our cottage industries
Welcome to our website
Minister announces latest proposals for the
statutory regulation of Herbalists.

On 16th February, the Secretary of State for Health
(Andrew Lansley) issued a statement outlining
proposals for statutory regulation of Medical
Herbalists. This has been a devastating blow for
those of us in the herbal profession who have been
advocating that statutory regulation should not take
place. However, all that has happened so far is that
the minister has stated

"Subject to Parliamentary approval, such
practitioners who wish to supply unlicensed
herbal products will be required by law to
register with the HPC."

This statement clearly indicates that SR can only go
ahead, subject to Parliamentary approval. Should
Parliament not agree, then SR cannot go ahead.

The MHRA have also made a statement saying
"A formal consultation exercise will take place
on specific legislative proposals for establishing
the register and proposed reforms of medicines
legislation later in 201l."

This statement yet again states that the whole
process is still in the proposal stage, and will be
subject to further consultation later this year.

The battle to oppose statutory regulation is therefore
not over, despite those people in favour declaring
that SR has been decided.

However, the THMPD is still going to be fully
implemented on 30th April regardless of what is
happening to the herbal profession.

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Our campaign continues and will do
so until Herbal Medicine can be
guaranteed to remain available to all.

If you care about Herbal Medicine and want to preserve it for future generations please sign our petition
which will be presented to government as part of our campaign.
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