The Campaignfor the Protection of Herbal Medicine
Decoding Myth-Information
Still confused about Statutory Regulation ?

Why not buy a copy of Decoding Myth-Information by Robert Scott.

This booklet presents information in an easily readable form with excellent
cross-referencing .

"Robert Scott's well researched work: 'DECODING MYTH-INFORMATION',
comes at a time when 'spin doctors' are spreading webs of deceit and misinformation about the
future of herbalists and herbal medicine in Britain.

Robert Scott's book is necessary reading for those who wish to maintain the peoples' freedom to
practice and benefit from herbal medicine and the experience of herbalists that have been safely
practising for the last 450 years under the royal charter of Henry VIII"

Hakim M. Salim Khan
M.D. (M.A.) M.H. F.G.N.I. (England) D.O. (London)

To obtain a copy of this treatise at 8.50 please follow this link.