Herbal medicines themselves, together with herbal practitioners, constitute a system of
healthcare which is unsurpassed in terms not only of its Green credentials and its
affordability, but also its value to the UK economy in reducing overall government
Stated very simply, the people of the UK are at liberty to go out into their own garden
or nearby environment and use plants to look after their own and their family's health,
with virtually no adverse impact in terms of energy use.
The fact that the people can source their own medicines together with its low costs,
means that herbal medicine is the
ultimate sustainable and renewable medicine.
If they need to be purchased, herbal medicines are currently an affordable option
for most UK families.
Where people need to consult a herbal practitioner, the costs are found to be affordable
to the majority of the UK population.
With an estimated
4 million users, the use of herbal medicine must be saving the
National Health Service several hundred million pounds per annum. This aspect alone
makes it an incredibly valuable asset to the UK economy.
Herbal Medicine is truly the People's Medicine, and our descendants are entitled
to have this Tradition preserved for them.
A future with this Tradition intact resonates with the Native American saying -
"We have not inherited the earth from our ancestors, we are borrowing it from
our children"
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