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State Regulation of Herbalists will ensure the public's safety

State regulation does not ensure the public's safety. Iatrogenic disease is one of the main causes of death
within the Western world. It is impossible to ensure everybody's safety all of the time. Our society has
increasingly become so health and safety conscious it has crippled our freedoms, common sense and ability
to make decisions for ourselves. The use of herbal medicine, on many different levels is, and always has
been, an integral part of human existence. Yes, there are 'quacks' (people selling or prescribing products
called herbal medicines for profit and knowing very little of our philosophy or about traditional herbal
medicines). Throughout history there have always been 'quacks' and profiteers yet herbal medicine still has a
unique safety record. Current proposals and the Traditional Medicines Registration Scheme will delegate
herbal medicines to these 'quacks,' alias the pharmaceutical companies, who continually fail to understand
the dynamics
The Traditional Medicines Registration Scheme (THMPD) will ensure access to safe herbal
medicines for the public

Do you really believe that the MHRA and Pharmaceutical companies provide safe medicines? What it will
do is create new 'phytomedicines', 'standardised' herbal medicines, highly processed medicines, patented
herbal medicines and continued research into GM Herbs. Please see links for further information on
'standardised' herbal medicines. The black market in Herbal Medicines is likely to become huge due to these
new regulations and thereby actually increase safety concerns
Herbal medicine posed a risk to the public's health and therefore the Traditional Medicines
Registration Scheme was introduced into UK law to ensure public safety and change section 12(2)
of the 1968 Medicines Act by 2011

There were and are many laws covering herbal medicine to ensure safety. These were not policed properly.
The majority (if not all) of the cases sited to back the above claim, broke these laws. It wasn't a change in
law that we needed - it was upholding of current law
Herbal medicine poses a high risk to the public and therefore warrants further changes to the
1968 Medicines Act (section 12(1)

Simply not true. The vast majority of herbal medicines can also be used as foods, are classed as foods in
some countries and have been used for thousands of years. A few herbs do need care with dosage; these
are restricted by the Medicines Act already. What is the Government's policy on high risk? Pharmaceutical
drugs, alcohol, drugs, car fumes, pollution, fluoridation and chlorination of our water, nuclear weapons and
power, pesticides, GM, vaccines - do you see the hypocrisy?
The Campaignfor the Protection of Herbal Medicine