Herbal Medicine has not been scientifically proven to be safe or effective

What is 'science' these days? A tool to prove what you want it to or an unbiased seeker of truth? Does it
look at the whole or part?
There is a huge research database proving herbal medicine is effective and safe, including the thousands of
years of use all over the world by millions. Indeed, pharmaceutical drugs are often derived from herbal
medicines; mainstream medicine was herbal medicine in the Western world for thousands of years, until the
discovery of synthetic drugs
It is the Governments responsibility to protect the public

In part yes. It is also the public's responsibility to take charge of their decisions, their health and to protect
themselves and their community members. It is not the Government's responsibility to take away all choice,
deny us the right to make informed choices or to deceive the public
People should not take herbal medicines if they are pregnant, taking pharmaceutical drugs or
suffering from a serious illness

This is misleading. When taking herbal medicines, the person taking the herbs should ensure that either they
or their prescriber has sufficient knowledge and wisdom about their usage as with any ingested material.
Herbal Medicine can be very useful, used wisely when pregnant, taking pharmaceutical drugs or suffering
from a serious illness
In order to use herbs safely you have to go to see a qualified herbalist

This again is misleading. In order to use herbs safely to treat illness it is advisable to make sure that you have
sufficient knowledge of the herbs you want to use and your medical condition. If you lack this knowledge
then it is advisable to see someone who has this knowledge. This is usually an experienced herbalist
Until recent times, the majority of people treated themselves for minor health problems using herbal
medicines and foods. This knowledge needs to be resurrected and people empowered again to take care of
many of their minor health problems
The Campaignfor the Protection of Herbal Medicine