Proposed changes to section 12(1) of the 1968 Medicines Act will prevent all non- state regulated
health professionals from prescribing herbs after a consultation

Yes. This means all non-state regulated herbalists, aromatherapists, homeopaths, naturopaths, nutritionists
etc who prescribe herbs, however experienced or highly qualified, will become illegal, criminalised. Their
patients bereft of their chosen practitioner, consequently their health could be put at risk. The DH stated that
it has no proposals to Statutorily Regulate any other CAM professions, other than those stated in the current
Steering Group Report
The majority of herbalists have voted for State Regulation

To the best of my knowledge, the majority of herbalists have not voted for State Regulation. An unknown
number of herbalists and traditional medicine practitioners are increasingly likely to refuse State Regulation
for a variety of ethical reasons. Many of these are highly qualified and experienced practitioners, who will be
forced out of practice or have to continue to practice illegally. The loss of this experience and knowledge
base can only be detrimental to our traditions.
If Herbalists do not become state registered (statutorily regulated) before 2011 then they will not
have access to all of their herbs

True, Herbalists will not be able to order 'specials' (medicines made up especially for them, to their specific
requirements). This is one of the reasons to oppose the Traditional Medicines Registration Scheme already
enacted into UK law and in full force in 2011.
However, a herbalist will continue to be able to prescribe herbal medicines using simples and mixtures that
they themselves mix
The Traditional Medicines Registration Scheme (THMPD) will allow for fair competition within
the EU

Utter nonsense - it actually does the reverse. The huge expense of acquiring a license and adhering to GMP
standards will put small, traditional, organic companies out of business; reduce choice and pretty much
eradicate traditional herbal preparations from the shelves. The only businesses able to afford the licenses are
the big companies, not our local herbal suppliers
The Campaignfor the Protection of Herbal Medicine